Giving back and working sustainably


Supporting People in Need

Gron Haus is an active supporter of local food rescue business Fare Share.  While we work on a minimum food waste approach, from time to time there is surplus. We donate 100kg of pastry off-cuts per week to Fare Share which gets turned into quiche products for people in need in Victoria. Sometimes this also extends to surplus fillings and other products.

We also work with other food agencies and emergency relief programs where food can be redistributed to those in need.

Working Sustainably

We were delighted to win a major award in the Whitehorse Council Sustainability Awards in 2014. These awards recognize and acknowledge individuals, schools, businesses, and community groups within the Whitehorse community who achieve outstanding levels of sustainability, and reflected our installation of 64 kw’s of large scale solar panels on our roof to reduce our energy footprint. We were recognized as Winner of the Sustainable Business Award (Medium Business category) as well as Winner of the Overall Whitehorse Sustainability Award.